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"Impending Doom" Progress Journal


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Well, I've started my first "large" project. It will revolve around an interstellar battle that takes place between two planets. I've just begun, and have only completed the star field, but I thought I'd start a little "journal" that includes my progress. I'll keep you guys thoroughly updated. I was planning on having something similar to The Iron Tide, which basically helped push me into starting the project. Comments are welcome throughout the entire process! Please note that the stars field will have a very low opacity, but it will help emphasize the space-oriented theme. Next up is the two planets, which I will start on tomorrow evening.


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Well, I had almost completed the first plane when Photoshop decided to take a shit on me, so I am quite pissed off right now. I hear you ask "Why didn't you save?". Well, I have a really bad habit of not saving, and it has hurt me several times. I really need to find a script to auto-save in Photoshop... *sigh*

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Well, I made a 3D planet thanks to swolf who did the modeling/unwrapping of the sphere. I am just using a placeholder at the moment to see how the texture interacts and such, and I played around and made a bump map. You can see the bump in effect here...


Without a bump...


Quite a noticable difference in terrain variation. I am thinking I will do the same with my custom planet for the added detail. I'll get back to you guys with a new, custom texture.

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i'd recommend the version without the bump.

take a look at google earth for a better reference. or, just look around google for some reference shots.

take example this one


the rockie mountains is a massive mountain chain along the mid west west. there are no shadows visible at all. there are however very visible color changes.

take a look at this shot of mars

http://imgsrc.hubblesite.org/hu/db/2005 ... ts/web.jpg

it too has no shadows. And this is 100% land mass.

I'd recommend avoiding shadows on an oject that large. There is scientific reasons why shadows can't be see (other than just the relative size of a mountain compared to the distance of where you are). However.. i don't know them :P

just some recommendations. Good bump map though.

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Alright, I have most of the terrain finished. Hardest part IMHO will be the cities themselves, the lights, and so on. I'll probably be changing the color, adding water, etc, but the terrain is finished for the most part. Anyway, here are some more shots. Mostly sourced from the moon and whatnot, but oh well, it works. :P



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