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WMI art-test ww2 berlin (unreal)


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i finaly have permission form my boss to post some screenshotsform my art test map well actualy i have permission since about 5-10 month iam just a lazy slop that doenst look at his to do list often enaugh :D













the map is almost 2 years old now but ran perfecktly smooth on standart hardware from back than. and even better today :D

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Hey Warbeast, it looks pretty good except for the upwards pointing yellow spotlights which obviously should have been way less visible imo.

But what engine is this running on? I can usually easily say which engine a map is running on, but regarding this one I just can't decide myself.

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It looks nice but i have a few crits:

- the mix of photorealistic and cartoon style looks a bit weird in some places. You should make a decission in which direction you want to go.

- Berlins streets are not hilly. The city is build on almost flat ground. Check out more ref pics from the real thing.

- Streetlights don't burn in a war city. There are other options to provide light in a war city (fires, search lights, flak fire etc.). U use all this stuff in your map already. Why not use it completely for the lighting?

- streets aren't clean in a bombed city. Everything should be covered by dirt and debris. Don't even think about to map a street or a sidewalk in such a city. begin straight with terrain to fill the place between buildings

- A lot of the destruction and its surrunding doesn't make sense. For example holes in walls without debris around it.

Thats a lot of crits, i know but i hope it helps in future projects of you.

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