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The line of doom


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I've been dabbling some more in 3dsmax and I have made my second skinned model. This time, though, I get some ugly edges...




Oh and, is this the proper way to unwrap a column like this? Any tips/comments appreciated :]

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you could try moving the texture in 1 pixel from each edge and putting a 1 px tan border on it
Didn't try this, but I put one black pixel next to each edge, and they both showed up close to each other.

looks good man , but what bic said its a 1 pixle thing. you have to go out of your uv map by one pixel. btw nice texture did you make it yourself?
thanks man, it seems like the top most line of textures just wanted to get brigther for some weird reason... I tried making that particular line darker and it looked a little better... but meh.. Oh and, I got the original texture from Total Textures (dont remember which one, was under some egyptian thing)edit: It was Total Textures V9!. I modified it slightly though..

yeah, instead of a black background, make all of it that tan color. if you just make it solid and no gradient, the filesize will stay the same.
I did that, thanks for the tip, it didnt have any impact, but it would've saved me for some trouble a few hours ago :D

it looks good skjalg :)

its nice to see you improve your skills :)

hah, thanks :D Too bad I progress really slowly!
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but since the almost the whole column only takes 50% of the texture, I had alot to work with... Or is it fine if the texture is 256x512?

Do you consider it enough texture waste to do it all over again?

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Is that the pilar? :)

sorry for being offtopic btw

Ah no, that pillar is from... Lost Coast?

Anyways, my pillar is twice as tall^^

Oh and, the pillar is actually for some stargate mod that just asked me if I could make one, I guess It'll be used in PVK2 too :]

Whoever wants to use it, I dont mind :)

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