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The low poly challenge for May!

The Postman

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Alright folks. This is a challenge to all you modellers out there. Sure high poly modelling might be the haute couture today but there is a strange kind of sublime creation in low poly construction. Getting the most out of your polys and a low rez texture means ingenuity and creativity.

So I level a challenge! For the month of May the Low Poly Modelling challenge is this:

World War 1 Anything!

Polycount max: 250

Texture size max: 128x128

Get to it Mapcore, let's see what our fine community can come up with!

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maybe it would be better if there was another option for those of us who aren't character modelers.

Perhaps it could be anything at all from WW1?

But then again everybody would just do mark IVs :wink:

Good point. WW1 it is! Anything you want. Early tanks, gas masked horses or whatever!

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