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Half-Life props


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I know there's a lot of HL2 prop stashes dotted about the Internet but are there any for HL1? I'm gathering lots of props to reskin and use for maps and since I cannot model myself I'm kinda limited, I'd rather not have someone making new props if it can be helped.


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Don't be silly, if you can map you can model, your just chicken to learn a proper 3D program. :P

I have tried a bunch of modelling programs but never found anyone which were nearly as effective as Hammer.

:? you havnt tried hard then :)

brushes are probably the least efficient way of modelling objects

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You don't have to buy one or pay thousands. Blender is free, XSI (at least the mod tool version) is free, GMax is free, Maya Personal Learning Edition is free (I think?), Milkshape is free for 30 days (and after that it's a not-quite-bank-breaking $20 or something)... You have plenty of options available if you really want to take the plunge, and these days, level designers really really should.

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