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Nothing is really major here, but I figured I would send out an announcement so there isn't a lot of confusion as to the changes that have taken place. Mapcore and General have been renamed to Game Industry and Off topic to better reflect their intended discussion areas. These have always been two fairly well mainted forums, so I don't think this is much of a problem.

Classified is going to be going through a bit of a change soon. It is being branched off into two forums in their own category. One forum will be for getting mod work and one will be for professional hiring work. The topics in the Professional hiring forum can only be posted by an approved user (aka someone we approve and know to have industry credentials. If someone posts in there, you know they are legit because we checked their creds. The mod forum will be much more casual and hopefully easier to find people.

Political was moved to a new division called "where stupid things live." We all know this to be true. EoT also exists in this division. More things in the future might go here.

I hope this helps everyone using Mapcore.


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I heartily approve of these changes.

I'd suggest that I be removed as a moderator for the mod recruitment forum, though — I don't really participate in that area at all, and spend most of my time in what is now the general discussion category. :gonk:

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