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Building my Portfolio (Image heavy) I need a job!


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Thanks guys :)

I'll be making some videos tonight too, these will show things in motion which looks a lot better :) Especally the waterfall, The biggest waterfall has particles for spray underneith it, but they are hard to see in the screens :)

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I think it's turned out nicely. Looks far more impressive running than in screenshots - you've obviously put a lot of work into making the scene "alive" and the video demonstrates that. Waterwheels, windmills, flowing water, butterflies, trees swaying softly in the wind - it all looks a whole lot better moving than static. I really like it, and I hope I'm sure it will get plenty of developers interested in you :) Good luck with the job hunting mate!

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I just checked out your reel and it looks pretty good. The level design is not of super quality, but that doesn't matter as it does its job and the overall ambience and attention to detail is nice. You have made everything, maps, models and textures yourself, aye?

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Really really nice, I'm sure you won't be unemployed for long :)

Some suggestions based on the video :

Maybe a small fence to keep those small birds-which-look-like-muffins from wandering too far from their little house.

For the waterfall, possibly add a lightblock-texture just inside the waterfall then light the cliff-face/path with regular point-lights to give it a different color than the surrounding area so that it isn't just lit by the sun like the rest of the level.

Also, it's sort of weird seeing that huge tree-trunk house right next to regular-sized trees, but too late to do anything about that.

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Thanks guys, Really appreciate the feedback.

Regarding the level design, yeah I agree its pretty simple and open. The levels from the first part of a "full game" and is mean't to be like the hub level that the players come back to to restock, and talk to new rescued towns people etc

The narrative that the level has, meant that it needed to be rather simple, so that a 5 year old can navigate it and know where they need to go etc

The idea on the giant tree was that it was once where the "holy chub" lived, but it fell down in old age, so the villagers built a tower out of stone, and used the remains of the tree as houses.

Thanks for the tip insta, I'll take a look into that, at the moment though the levels pretty much in a done state, whilst I finish up all the documentation that my degree requires.

Afterwards though, once the documents are done, gameplay will be finalised and I may release my level as sort of "demo" of the game

I couldn't reply with smilies for some reason *unhappy face*

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lol now all it needs is cute little music playing in the background.

Yeah man this all looks great. You've done very well with this. Takes me back to games I used to play in the days of yore. :P

good job, hope ya get hired

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