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Building my Portfolio (Image heavy) I need a job!


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Yeah that is much improved mate. The smaller nose and mouth made the world of difference. Its probably just down to taste, but I think she might look better with lighter clothing to contrast with her dark fur? Wouldn't be much work to test it out, but then chances are you already have and prefer the dark :) Nice changes anyway, congrats.

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The major problem with the in-game scene you present is the simplistic geometry and poor lighting. Improve those aspects, layer upm the detail and spend some time htere and it will really make your model work beeter.

I agree with Renos initial assessment that your Rabbit-woman is a little scary, looks sort of like an olympic weightlifter whos chugged too much testosterone.

She still looks a little scary TBH.

Technically, your work is sound, but there seems to be something missing, it all looks a bit too uniform and bland to my eye. If you're going for cartoon it needs to be a bit more soft, somewhat more rounded and friendly. The models are fine, but the textures are a little too brutal. It just needs a bit of softening applied overall.

That or you run the other way and go all American McGees Alice and soak everything in blood, gore and the LSD nightmares of a Vietnam Vet.

er, you may wish to ignore some or all of what I've said. people in glass houses etc. But I do aoccasionally hit the mark.

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Hey all, if needed this thread can be moved to WIP, but here are some updated screens of the level so far:

ab1.jpg ab2.jpg ab3.jpg ab4.jpg

ab5.jpg ab6.jpg ab7.jpg ab8.jpg

Its hard trying to get everything to match, like the cranes are a bit too gritty compared to the rest of the level. Need to make them look more cartoony, but still...old and worn....arg!

The idea is you wake up in the middle of the round path on the grass circle. Your airship crashed and you need to salvage the parts of the ship back to the ship before the towns inventor takes you back to his house to tell you whats happened (Basic story line etc), and then gives you some weapons.

He then takes you outside to train on 2-3 bad guys that also crashed in the town that he tied up whilst they were unconcious. You fight them in the vegatable patch (they will be blind folded or something) to learn how to use your weapons.

Once trained the inventor will give you a key to open the towns (yet to make) gate to proceed to the next level.

Thats all thats planned so far for this level, but it would be a hub level for players to return to later in the game to recieve upgrades to weapons and to deliver other parts of the airship that fell to other areas.

Oh, just to mention, the levels set on a plateau. I've yet to complete the skybox though, that will show how the level fits with the rest of the world :)

Anyway, comments welcome. I need as much help as I can squeeze from you guys :D:D The rabbit slaughering helped loads :D

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Some "final" Level shots, theres only some minor additions to go in, a wheelbarrow in the vegatable patch, and some ash under the cauldron. However I've left those parts out the screens until they're added :)

All links open a 1280x1024 version, so allow for them to load :)

level01.jpg level02.jpg level03.jpg level04.jpg

level05.jpg level06.jpg level07.jpg level08.jpg

level09.jpg level10.jpg level11.jpg level12.jpg

I hope you like them, its been a grewling 5 months for me, with any luck I can get a decent mark and....if I'm really lucky a job :)

If theres anything that I've noobishly missed please let me know!

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Yeah i think its also great, one thing that stands out is the fact you have made everything it your level off your own back. A lot of maps i see, dont get my wrong, look great but theres nothing new about them as they have just taken the same model files from games (HL2 CS DoD) and placed them in their levels.

Its hard to get eveything to match especially when you make it from stratch, and i think you have done a great job here, well done :D

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