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Building my Portfolio (Image heavy) I need a job!


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Yeah she has specular on her hair :) its on the spec map, but hard to see.

Without making her look slutty, do you think it'd be better to make the mouth smaller, rather than lipstick?

I want her to look more, tomboy, surfer chick sexy rather than Jessica Rabbit sexy.

I'll be making her nose smaller too, hopefully it will help as well.

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As I said in my first post, Its the big features that scare me really. Kelly (welcome to mapcore btw :)) kinda nailed it with "make her look a little more dainty". A smaller mouth and nose should help a lot I think. Maybe let the eyelids sit down a little on the eye rather than having them so wide open all of the time too? Not sure if that would help, but she looks least freaky in her "seduction" pose (oddly enough, considering my concerns over her sexification :D) in my opinion so it might help.

I think if you want to be more tomboy, you should go with bigger shorts. I'd be inclined to suggest a slightly longer top too, but the shorts might be enough. Maybe something like these? Using a more colourful pattern on the clothes might be a bit more appealing than the current colour used, which kinda mimics the pink of the ears and looks a bit bland IMO.

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Yep, Kelly and Reno explained it very well, I think the tacky, slutty, seductive look is what bothers me.

The emphasis on the (big) butt, the colors/style of the clothes (the "patched up" top :P ) and that gold chain around her (?) ankle looks kinda cheap to me too.

Not trying to put down your work, I think you did a good job on modeling and texturing the character, the combination of a hairy, cartoony character and sexy boggles me (and the others). Or rather, the tacky sexyness.

But maybe that's just a matter of taste, or in this case also your intention. How appropriate this for a portfolio is, I cannot say, I am not an artist :)

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Ok everyone went with their little explanation as to what could be better for her face, so here's mine:

The eyes. She's all brown except for her eyes, and guess what that's what will stand out and what people will see. Right now, your character to me is a lot like the Black and White creatures. Except she doesn't have nearly their size.

So I'd say the whole head could be scaled down, and the eyes made a little smaller, and things could be a lot better already.

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Looking really good so far :) I agree with the others, she does need a lil sprucing up!

Model wise, they all look really cool imo, texture wise I think maybe you could add a bit more detail on the uvmaps, although it may be the cartoony like style you are going for, so ill shutup!

maybe have the clothes bit less bland? or maybe 1/2 coloured, 1/2 worn down to that dull colour?

hope it helps, keep up the good work!

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Heres an update :)





I'll probably be leaving her like this, I've alot of other work to do, and re applying the skin modifier, etc takes a fair bit of time. If I can get the rest of the project up to scratch and to a standard of functionality that I'm happy with then I will give her some shorts, possibly lengthen the top as well.

Anyway I think her face is a lot more appealing, and doesn't make her clothes as scary, as she is more femanine.

I also took a number of polys out on the thighs and a few else where.

I hope you guys like her better :)

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