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Building my Portfolio (Image heavy) I need a job!


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Hey all, here a number of renders I have done for my portfolio.

They are from my final year project, entitled "Air-Born", based on a floating island in the sky somewhere, inhabitted by animals (anthropomorphised). The basic story is that you have to rescue the towns people that have been captured. But first you need to repair your air-ship which you crash landed.

I'm using the Source engine, and may release if I get the time to refine it after hand in (June 1st). I started the actual creation in early feb, so its still early days (Need to do 3D sky map etc).

If anyone heres from the UK, I'll be showcasing it at the Brighton Develop Exibition in July :)

If you would prefer to look at higher res (1600 x 1200) versions, they can be Downloaded here

You can also DL 2 videos of the Rabbit Running, Downloaded Here

Now for the media:











In Game (WIP)





Feedback welcome :banjo:

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In general - great stuff.

More specifically, I don't really know how I stand one it. The rabbit character is quite terrifying IMO, as for me its not quite been anthropomorphised enough to be considered sexy, though thats clearly what you are aiming for. To me it comes out as creepy - that big head, those protruding eyes, that giant mouth. These qualities are fine for a cartoon character like this, but one that is trying to be portrayed as sexy? I think its conflicting, but maybe it's just me.

The props are great, particularly the crashed airship which looks awesome. My only concern with it is that it isn't all that obvious it is (was) an airship. Maybe its just the angle, but to me that could easily enough have just been a boat. I think its just because the balloon part of it is draped over the bulk of it and its hard to determine if that was a balloon or just a sail. Dunno if there is anything you could do to further to evidence of it being an airship - maybe in the context you use it in the level it will be more clear. The large log house looks a little flat along the base, but I guess you can use displacements in the level to make it look more like it is embedded in the ground or something.

The scene in Source is what troubles me the most though. To me, the elements don't gel together all that well. The biggest issue is probably the grass texture which kinda doesn't suit the others. It looks too detailed and "busy" compared to the cartoony, simplified look seen elsewhere. This is made particularly obvious due to the fact it is used in such abundance. Maybe make a grass material that is a blend, and on one of the two textures in the blend emit detail props of flowers or something? That would help you bring in more colour to the scene, and break up the big expanses of green.

As I said, in general I think this is really good work and I like the concept a lot. Also, its awesome you are getting to demo this at the Brighton Develop Exhibition, I'm sure there will be a whole lot of potential employers eyeing up your stuff there :)

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I love the cartoony feeling of the whole project, textures & uvmaps are great. In-game looks ok.

However I agree with ReNo, the bunny looks a bit scary. I'd prefer a slightly lighter colour of fur to make it cuter but it's your project and you decide how she looks.


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Thanks for the feedback.

But can you be more specific as to why its "freaking you out".

I'm not into furries :P She was based on the cadburys caramel bunny.

Is her nose too big? What is it that makes you not like her?

I need to know, as I need to use her to get me a job, and if you all think she is "freaky" then I need to do something...

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Sounds like the comments given so far are trying to turn her in to a tart, which i can blatantly see isn't the look thats being achieved here.

Sticking lipstick and a bit of blusher on her sounds REALLY tacky.

Making the shorts longer, what is that going to acheive.

Maybe a little work is needed on the face to make her look a little more dainty as she female, so possibley smaller features like the nose and mouth, but i wouldn't say she looked scary :shock:

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