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2006 Mapping competition.


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Hey Orph, welcome to Mapcore :) Thats a lot of effort you put into your first post here eh? ;)

Anyway, I think a contest is just what the amateur modding community could do with. Things have been pretty slow lately, at least in the Source scene, so maybe this would help pick things up. I think something that might help would be to try and make it multi-community, which is obviously the reason for the post. I'm thinking, take it further though. Rather than having a Snarkpit contest and "inviting" others, it could be a general mod scene contest. Entrants from Snarkpit, Mapcore, TWHL, Interlopers, VERC, Rust, wherever, using their own communities for submissions, discussion, and so on. Hell, make it multi-engine and allow entries using BF2, Doom 3, Quake 4, FEAR, etc... I think that could really get the entry numbers up and hopefully tempt in people who would normally be put off by a contest run by the Snarkpit and using the Source engine only.

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There is discussion about whether or not it should allow both engines. A single engine contest would make it easier to judge, but keeping it open to HL1 (or even other engines) would probably see more entries.

I think it would be cool to leave it open to any engine, and instead use a theme to ensure maps are comparable and fair to judge against one another.

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I am more/less leaving it to a vote or general consensus but if the ideas for the competition are still blurry by the weekend, I will make the decisions I guess to get this thing rolling.

If anyone wants to post threads in other forums for other engines and whatnot, feel free to do so.

I really don't want to lead this adventure but, I am not adverse to doing just that.

I would much rather have the details voted upon and ironed out. So, go voice your opinions before the weekend guys.

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I'd love to help organise or take the reins or whatever, but it would just be a really bad idea for me at the moment. I've uni commitments as do a lot of others at the moment, so I really need to set my priorities. On the other hand, I don't think you should launch this contest half-baked. I wouldn't suggest charging on come the weekend just to get the ball rolling. Better to wait a few weeks and get the concept and rules of it nailed down and polished - it will maximise the chances of the contest going off successfully.

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Duncan, I have to weigh the options of waiting and moving slowly.

People are impatient. They will lose sight of the goals if the delay is to overlong.

Course, if people are sure that progress is being made, then delaying isn't to hard to manage. The problem now is that it appears as if we are waffling to delay the start. If some more people besides the 2 or 3 that are currently posting would say something......

Right now, I am at a juncture. If we delay overmuch we lose people. If we proceed hastily we lack gaining new ones.

Which is the worse? Losing people we know, or losing possibilities?

I could be entice postpone another week or so but hardly more I fear.

Two things are in our favor:

1) if the deadline is sufficiently far in advance, people can join late with no ill effects or handicaps.

2) how long can it possibly take to build the areas?

Anyway... I am open to most suggestions.

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Would it help if I rephrased to to area? Zone even?

This constant literality is amazing stuff but it needs to be put aside for this event.

Think of this as a contest who's theme is an arena if it helps guys. I don't exactly like the correlation because what I have in mind has no resemblance to an arena what-so ever. But if it helps do it.

There are only two limitations and it seems that the exits being blocked aren't the hardest for you to grasp. The other limitation is "Your own imagination"

/nuff said.. Enjoy the rest of the evening gentlemen.


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OK, this is how I see it coming off. Use this as a guide.

Everyone should know Mazemaster. I am sure that Nick won't mind me using him as an example. Anyway, you should know him. If you don't, do so cause he is one of the best out there.

OK, pretend that Mazemaster is making Island_17 today, for this contest. He makes the entire map that you can see from the top of the light house. You are restricted to the top of the light house. You say to yourself, "Man, this is one fine looking map" End of story. Don't attempt to over complicate the contest.

Now, expand that to whatever you want to make. I don't care if you made the Eiffel tower, or the pyramid of Giza.. You're only restricted to your imagination.

If you think this is a contest for creating a usable map, forget it. This is 100% creativity, of the useless kind.

Now, go vote, and join up... YOu know you want to. :wink:

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