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Favourite movies of all time? Come on, list em.

Dreaded Fist

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Okay so I thought I'd come out of EOT hiding and make a thread worthwile for once. Seems that everyone has a favourite movie, or at least a list of their favourites, because they can't chose one over another. Anyway, I'll start.


Starship troopers. When it came out on video, I believe I watched it everday for at least eight years. I can honestly say, without exagerating, that I've seen this movie 100 times. And it still never gets old.


Then of course, there's Heat. I would have listed it as my #1 alltime favourite, except I saw Starship Troopers before Heat. Anyway, what's not to love about it? The ultimate crime drama/action flick I think.


Then of course Collateral. The movie that almost makes me like Tom Cruise. Almost. I mean, it's just a rad movie! Poopy ending though, he should have shot everyone and gotten away.


Ronin. Holy crap, another awsome movie. I mean come on, Robert Deniro, AND Jean Reno? And Sean Bean even hung around for a while!

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Aah Leon The Professional, yes :)


And there comes Braveheart (sue me):


Interview with a vampire:


The Boondock Saints:




The Shining:


Once Upon a Time in The West:


Forest Gump:


Shawn of the dead:


Robin Hood, Man in thights:


(intro rap ftw)

Beverly Hills Cop (1,2 and 3, but 1 kicks biggest ass)




HP and the Goblet of fire (yeah, screw you guys):


And these are just a few... There's lots more!

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god there are really too much movies to choose from... my favorites change all the time.

But i'm with dreadedfist though, starship troopers tops my chart too.. best political satire since:


dr strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

i'll also throw in the big lebowski because that also is a most excellent movie


And just to get a nice top 3:

2001: a space oddysee


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name your movies. its not like we all know every single name...

Mad Max, as a triology. Road Warrior is the best of the 3.


28 Days Later, what can I say, its awesome. Empty London = Win.


Apocalypse Now


Scarface, best gangster movie in the entire world..


Plus some posted above.

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Not to break the spirit of this thread, but have you seen the first Mad Max St0lve? Some of the most horrible piece of garbage I've ever spent time on, and I've seen alot of crappy movies :G

But apparently the sequel is supposed to actually, you know, be about something :)

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I agree with every one that said its so many to choose from.

So i think ill do as Mazy.

I have to start making a list at home as i recall them all.

But i could start with some.

Mad Max yes i loved them.

Brainstorm (1983)


One flew over the cocosnest.

Once upon a time in America.

Reservoir Dogs or what it is called in english.


Interview with a vampire. (god i have to watch this one soon again)

American History X.

This are just a few and thanks to that you allready mention them.

But are more and as i said i need to start a list.


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