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Your pros and cons?


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Ok everyone got some, share them :)

Try to explain why they are you pros and cons aswell, and not like "I suck at this and that, but I pwn at this lol".

I guess I have to start, cause I made the thread:


- I set realistic goals to myself, I push myself each time I try to make something new.

- Honest to myself about my work

- I do (or atleast try) what I'm told to do


- I often get lazy and loose all my motivation to do things, but this is often solved by a few beers or a good sessions with skateboarding.

- I often miss little details unless I'm told that they are there

- Slow worker in some applications and programs

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Leadership skills.


Great artist.

Good with low poly.

Great boyfriend to my girlfriend :D

Great friend to those who know me.

Great manager of small tasks and limited scope projects. Micro-managing++



Can be lazy sometimes.

Not so good with high poly :(

Not as good with major tasks or keeping everything together. Working on this though.

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- Not to brag, but I have a fairly good art skill regarding traditional drawing; pencil, painting, etc.


- I really don't try much, or try to impress others regarding my work.

-I think the internet is a joke, and I try to piss off as many as possible within a time limit.

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-Fairly self-aware (downside being cringing at stuff I've done in the past, but it's better than repeating it and being a tit in the future)


-Know a bit about everything

-I know my limits well and where they fit in with everything else

-Can take criticism well


-Don't know enough about any one specific thing :P I spread myself too thinly.

-I can be a bit bitchy sometimes when I'm pissed off

-Too blunt at times, though I've come a long way in the way that I deal with people.

-Intolerant regarding certain things or people.. but again I've come a long way :P

-I tend to drop friends when they start to irritate me. I suppose this could be a pro; it stops me turning into a mega-bitch. The plus is that I'm only ever surrounded by people I totally like.

-Sometimes I spend too much time pretending to work on stuff instead of just working.. on stuff. Then I wonder where all the time went and why I didn't just work on the stuff in the first place as the time was spent on it regardless! This is usually personal stuff (Uni etc) as opposed to 'fun' stuff.

-I have a tendancy to mess about with stuff and enjoy it, but then move onto something else before totally finishing it (see models I posted on this forum.. car, head, mig-29, deagle etc. Most of them weren't unwrapped or skinned)

Could go on all day.

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- I'm a good friend

- I'm intelligent (at least that's what my mum says!)

- I'm hot (at least that's what the girls say!)

- I'm a good mapper (at least that's what my e-friends say!)


- Low mood sometimes without any reason

- A bit lazy sometimes, but it's due to the low mood periods I think

- I can't stand my bro these days, we don't even look at each other anymore

- I usually lose interest in something really quick

- If I fall in love with a girl I REALLY fall in love :oops:

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Interesting thread for sure:)


Jack of all trades

Always trying to improve anything I do

Finish what I start

Set realistic goals

Always trying to break limits

Good at leading and organizing



Elitist, I often believe to be superior of others

Bossy, need to be in control



Get bored easily

Don't get layed enough

I inform people when I think they are some assholes

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