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Half-Life 2: DAWN


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Just saw this on PHL, definately one to keep your eyes on:


DAWN takes place during 2004 just as the combine begin to invade Earth. You play the role of an average citizen woken up by a portal storm opening. Confused, you tune your television to CNN only to witness all hell break loose.

The mod will change aspects of Half-Life 2's storyline, such as the Combine and Xen creatures invading Earth at the same time.



Dunno about you, but this makes me wet *ahem* :oops:

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Eh, the concept doesn't do much for me. If they're going to place a mod inside the Half-Life 2 storyline, I don't think changing it around is a good idea — it's just lazy storytelling, and in a single-player mod that is a very important aspect.

It's not like they couldn't still have the Earth forces, Combine and Xen fighting without altering the storyline; remember, the Xen were here already. Seems kind of pointless. :(

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