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What type of players are you ?


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This is a question i've wanted to ask for a long time, but never have done.

Are you a "W,A,S,D player" or a "UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT player" ? maybe you have your own style ? Me myself is a "UP,DOWN..." but im thinking of chaning since the buttons isnt enought for todays games.


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I never knew you were a lefty.

/me pets Izuno :twisted:

bit of both actually

i can play shooters righty but am better left. at E3 i had to demo stalker right handed cause we didn't have time to reconfig controls in the middle of deathmatches.


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being an ex-professional cs player i can honestly say both work.

i used wasd at first and then wanted to spice it up so i changed to arrow keys.....i sucked for a while but then i got it back and it was ok...went back to wasd though...more keys in the general area to bind for stuff

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