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The Blood games


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Having now played them through again recently they are still as good as ever. Highly underrated FPS's that have more fun in them than a lot of titles about, plus Caleb is just the most awesome game character ever. Just don't go expecting anything to match today's technology and cinematic narrative and you'll be fine:

Check them out:


Blood II: The Chosen:

How to play Blood on Windows XP:


Blood Cutscenes (Require an additional 80mb of HD Space):

http://obe.deathmask.net/guide.htm (A guide to how to set them up)

Thanks to Spellbinder for those links :)

Very useful link for learning more about said games:


It'll take you about 20 minutes to set them both up, if you have trouble seeing the menus in Blood II, disable Vsync in your video card configuration window.

These are totally FREE, so you have no excuse!

Enjoy :)

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I found the blood download but I can't get my hands on a blood2 download. How bout it?

Neither link appears to work for me at the moment, it's probably a hosting error which wouldn't surprise me considering they're running on a backup server :oops: Try again later or something.

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