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Cheap ass plug: Jobs wanted


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Yeah, so my life is down in the shitter. Divorce, arson, backstabbing, you name it. Gotta put my masters degree on the backburner for a while, find a job and finish the rest of it as and when it can be done. Man I feel cheap and stupid for saying this:

So right now I am gonna revamp my portfolio. Most of the stuff there is about 2 years old anyway. And then hit the global job market with full force in search of a gig as a texture artist or environment artist. So dear and resourceful Mapcorians, if you hear of positions opening at the junior levels, I would very much appreciate a heads-up.


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Top Posters In This Topic

Post your portfolio when you redesigned it so people from this forum who work for companies can see if they might be able to do something for you or not

Id make your new portfolio a bit more too the point too, it has a milion buttons right now and Im kinda confused as what to look at

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Ouch man. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Your work is great, though. Where about are you located, and are you willing to relocate if needed (across seas, if possible)? I'm not in the industry, but I know of a few development studios seeking people, but they aren't European based. :(

Sure thing Squirrel. I am game for anything. Have lived across a few different countries as it is. The search is more or less global.

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