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de_static *RC VERSION DL* - updated 16/02


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EDIT: 16/02/07 (Post repeated at end of thread)

So here's the latest WIP version of the map. I wasn't sure if I wanted to release this version of it, since it's still needing a serious last layer of polish and fixing up. However I think the map needs a last round of feedback before I go for a final. (It was actually Hessi's harsh but fair post on dod_eidelweiss that persuaded me to release this).

Known issues:

Some texture alignment bugs.

Model collisions.

Some of the models need re-skinning (remaking possibly, I pretty much suck at modelling still).

Totally unoptimised - FPS is shite in places.

Nav mesh is rough and dirty with no place painting.

You can escape from the map in some places.

Some z-fighting where the tree shadow overlays hit displacements.

Soundscapes appear broken in this build.

Some of the overlays are a bit crap.

All comments and crits appreciated. I am pretty much set on the layout now, I just want to concentrate on making it look nicer and fixing bugs.



Edit: Beta Download

If the link dies it's 'cause I ran outta bandwidth.Download

A map I started at Xmas.

Work on it has pretty much ground to a halt since I started my new job, so I thought I would post up as far as I got.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

There are some minor bugs in the map but performance is good throughout.













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Looks superb. Reminds me of a map a guy called Unreal made once (forgot the name of the map :x )

spotlight stuff imho. Only thing botherin me a bit is the shadows are a bit too black in some shots. Hills in the background also a bit too dark:


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But then the grass should be brown/yellow if its fall.


...grass is yellow in fall.


Seriously, the grass doesn't change color! There are yellow and brown leafs lying on it, there's brown mud and stuff, but no: grass doesn't turn yellow in fall... Grass changes color in summer though: light green to yellow. :)


I think the dark hill in the background rock! It adds to the athmosphere :)

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