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The Empire (3d work)

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theres a wire frame

Yes, now that I am vray I am able to render it at a much higher res and will do that,

thanks for your feedback and the plug. :)

The storm idea is a good one. I was thinking about making a giant tidal wave in the background and calling the peice Atlantis, I think I may do that

And also thanks for the contast example too, will take that into consideration! :D

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very nice jonm. from the resolution i can't really see much. the feedback previously on the contrast was correct. don't be afraid of touching up renders in photoshop :)

i'd like to see higher resolutions before i say anything however.

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Very Very Good stuff , Thats a lot of models :D Render time of 50hrs OUCH :cry: vray ftw :-D

Also what if you do render passes and put them together in PS?, you'll have more control too and probably lower render times too as well as experiment with different looks : o

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