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The Empire (3d work)

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Hey guys, I did more work on that empire 3d scene


I am still planning on working on it a bit more so I figured I would post it here and get some ideas from mapcore (whose feedback I truly appreciate) before I finalize it. But it is done for the most part.

I rendered this with finalRender, but it took like 50 hours or so, which is a bit too much, so I switched over to vRay, render times are much better now...


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Adjusted ones are better. The scene is nice in general but next to the cotnrast adjusts Id also experiment with a color overlay on top to unify the colors more.

And if youre really bored Id make a evening or night version. You picked the most boring time of the day right now, noon. Add more feel and emotion to it. Drama. A nearing storm or evening or whatever.

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