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de_corse *final*


How did you like this map?  

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Wow Hessi, good job. What other maps have you made?

Very nice attention to detail, good model work, I like the details in the sidewalks and paths!

The ambient sound is a bit loud and annoying, but visuals are great.

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nice job. played it a little last night with some bots and it's pretty good visually, not a real test of playability though given...bots.

i will say that there are a fair amount of nooks and crannys, but I do like how you don't have any places where you can get sniped from a million directions and not have a clue where the fire could have come from.

overall i definitely liked it. keep up the good work.

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well then you actually did not playtest it ;) there are a few of camping / sniping spots. long street next to the church and on the roofs. you can camp next to the market hall on those stairs or near the fountain at the CT ladder and watch out for ruhsing Ts from the side.

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