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Resistance and Liberation now recruiting

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Hey guys. Name's Adam, but I go by Steelwind around here and on the team. I'm currently one of the two leaders for Resistance and Liberation. Over the past few years Creasemaster and I have built up an exceptional team of developers working to create a much more dramatic and realistic approach to World War 2. We'd like to deviate from the faster paced, movie inspired products we've seen in the recent years. Fundamentally we're building RnL on the basis of pure historical accuracy. We go to great lengths to insure the best quality and most accurate content possible. To accomplish this we've established relationships with Vets, reinactors, and historians across the country. Every detail is established upon communication between our developers and these priceless contacts.

Initially RnL will be developed based on the events of the 82nd Airborne and their plight through Normandy, starting with D-Day. A campaign system of maps will be used, all modelled after the real world locations and objectives the 82nd Airborne encountered during their operation. All of the locations depicted are meticulously recreated using reference photos, togographical maps, aerial photos, and veteran accounts. Once in the world, players are encouraged to experience the drama and intensity of the events unfolding around them. They'll see the world around them like any soldier would, without using a HUD to gain information on their whereabouts and condition. Instead, players will rely on visual and audio clues to ascertain such commodities. Interactions with their teammates will be essential in the success of their assigned objectives. Each class of soldier will have a secondary function which can only be utilized alongside and with the support of another class. The goal is to reward teams who communicate and work together to achieve victory.

More on the mod and some of our initial features can be found at:




At this point I'd like to demonstrate some of our media that we have available to the public. Below you'll find thumbnails and links to renders and initial animations being created by our developers.

US Radioman

US Medic

German Sniper

German Fallshirmjager

US M1919A6

US M1 Garand

German MG42

German K98 High Turret

German Tiger

US M35 Truck

You'll need the latest version of Quicktime to view the movies and the latest Divx to view the animation files.




So that should give you a glimpse at the hard work being put into this mod. But that's not even half of the work we have done. Everything going into the first release, is completed and ready to go. Yes everything. Every weapon, every player class, and the few vehicles we'll be using up front. We have an incredibly talented team, and now it's time for us to expand and bring aboard some more determined members.

On top of doing some recruiting, we'd like to spread awareness for the fruits of our labor. We have an incredible community built up at our site, but we'd like to expand that as well. One of the best additions to a team is their relentless community, helping them strive for a more complete and desirable product.

However, before we ask those interested in filling out an application, we'd like to tell you about ourselves, the people you'll be working with for quite some time. We go by Digital History, the name of our development group that is publishing Resistance and Liberation. Hopefully in the near future Digital History will also be developing and producing a number of other products as well. Our staff is comprised of mostly older members, ranging in age from 18-32. We have developers who work full-time within various design industries including:

  • [*:12jv2rww] Genesis: Based in Florida, they create animated feature films for the big screen and DVD

    [*:12jv2rww]Apogee.net: A web based graphic design company out of Georgia

    [*:12jv2rww]Kush Games: Sports title developer out of California

    [*:12jv2rww]A computer science major working in the IT department of Reliant Energy in Texas

    [*:12jv2rww]Several developers currently enrolled in Universities across the globe, working on various aspects of game development

    [*:12jv2rww]Developers who created 3rd party content for mods such as Day of Defeat and Counter-Strike

Each of us have spent almost 2 full years on RnL, and we've become a very close-knit and organized group of individuals. For the longest time we were satisfied with our staff and the progress we were making. At this point however, we've decided to start taking on extra helping hands to prep for the anticipated release of HL2. I'd like to invite anyone interested to follow this link and apply with us.


As well, I'd like to offer my contact information for anyone who wishes to express their concerns, ideas, praise, or check application status. I can be reached via any of the following:

Email/Yahoo: asinclair@sbcglobal.net

ICQ: 6610631

AOL: SteelwindGUN

MSN: asinclair79@hotmail.com

IRC: #resistancemod on irc.gamesurge.net

At this point we're open to anyone willing to apply, but we'd like to express a real interest in the following:


UV mappers


Thanks for taking to the time to read a bit about Resistance and Liberation. Please visit us at http://www.resistanceandliberation.com!

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Your mod looks great and very promising.

But, im fed up with all the germany vs usa theme. And d-day have been done a dosen of times! If you want to create something orginal, try go for another story. There are so many thrilling oporations during ww2 that still havent been made in any games or mods.

An example is 'Operation Gunnerside'. One of the most risky but maybe the most important of them all. Read more here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/history/telemark.shtml

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I'd love to see WW2 shooter gamplay that has you interacting with (or playing as) Canadiens and other allied forces besides the main American and Brit forces...just to see some variety.

Anyway...looks interesting so far.

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the USA did very little in WW2 :P hmm lets think what was that other team called that did alot of work....hmmm....hmmm OW YES!!! the ALLIES!!~!

Agreed. I'm sure you have a lot of talent on your team but your idea is just 100% unoriginal. I'm sick of seing WW2 as a US vs. Germany war. This is overkill.

There is so much more behind it all.

I want to see something European for a change!! Just anything!!

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