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What is art anyway?


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(rofl i posted this in Mapcore Discussion forum first)

I thought about linking this page for you artfans in any of the other forums like 2d art and such.

But then i couldn't decide which one so i posted it here instead.

General is a good broad forum for it i think.

Its an art site i found interesting and i think any one thats a bit interested in art would aswell.

It was a guy on Handson that shared it with me and others over there.

Anyway enjoy.


Oh and this one just for d3a ;)

There is a link to it on the site aswell.



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throughout history, artists have been known to have gone through great suffering before creating true art, be the art a painting, a piece of music, a film, a novel, a play, a sculpture or other. whether self inflicted, self induced or legitamately brought upon the world, it seems that all artists go through some form of personal suffering before their art is birthed.

so yeah, it comes from suffering.

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so yeah, it comes from suffering.

Sounds limiting.

well it is a concept subject to great interpretation. the artistic process often involves a great deal of intellectual struggle. artists have to figure out what medium, what to say/paint/build/compose etc and have to consider how that art would be accepted by others, should they choose to care.

further, artists usually are poor in the beginning, or else they are doing other things to make a living and trying to do art when they can. there aren't regular jobs for artists the way there are for lawyers, programers, teachers etc. so that contributes to the notion that artists suffer.

ever heard the term "starving artist" ?

so if you are mapper, then think about your process of creating a map. Often there can be "suffering" in the sense that you have to struggle with learning the tech and then figuring out what to make. it's all relative may not apply that much to some creative jobs when compared to others.

er...there are more ways to think about this but i'll leave that to someone else...

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