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Favourite musical pieces from games


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Some true classics below; click on them them to download — shame on you if you're not familiar with them, though. :) Such a shame that the former group of in-house LucasArts composers are rarely heard these days, considering the sheer variety of music they could throw out between them:

Swanky Maximino, from Grim Fandango: jazzy gangster style.

Sanctuary, from Outlaws: ambient Wild West strumming.

Compañeros, also from Grim Fandango: Mexican mariachi band style.

Hagatha's Home, from Psychonauts: similar to Swanky Maximino, but with a violin twist.

The Last Gunfight, from Outlaws: a Wild West finale.

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Vagrant Story - Ifrit (Hitoshi Sakimoto)

Final Fantasy VII - One Winged Angel (Nobou Uematsu)

Final Fantasy VII - Those Who Fight Further (Nobou Uematsu)

Final Fantasy VIII - Liberi Fatali (Nobou Uematsu)

Ace Combat V - Naval Blockade (Keiki Kobayashi)

Ace Combat V - Rendevous (Keiki Kobayashi)

Jet Set Radio - Miller Ball Breakers - (Deavid Soul)

Jet Set Radio - That's Enough (Hideki Naganuma)

Jet Set Radio - Everybody Jump Around (Richard Jacques)

Jet Set Radio Future - Funky Dealer (Hideki Naganuma)

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