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72 hours


How long will jynx survive  

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  1. 1. How long will jynx survive

    • One day (Fall asleep on the first day)
    • Two Days
    • Three Days

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I have been assigned four slothful days spanning from the 11th to the 14th in which to sit here and do nothing. I thought to myself, I could do something grand in that large amount of time, I have decided to challenge not only myself, but time!

I am going to attempt to stay awake 72 hours.

Plenty of coffee and energy drinks will be consumed, but its all worth it. The stakes are high, will I go insane? Will I just fall asleep? Will the boundaries of time and space be torn apart?

To make a game of it, everyone vote in the poll ( for tally purposes ) and post what you have selected.

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I was awake 65 hours or something in the army during an exercise, and i started to hallucinate and crap, it sorta sucks.

And as confirmation that you wont cheat, you have to post in this thread once every hour.

Once on an exercise that I was on I thought I was hallucinating because these 4 figures were crossing in front of my trench heading towards the left... they had gotten by all the other 3 trenches being undetected... but then I challenged them by saying 'Halt!' and they responded with 'Halt to this asshole!' in a Russian accent and started shooting. I threw some grenade simulators at them that woke everyone up... :D

I voted 2 days.

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ive always wanted to spend a week with like no technology. just get a shit load of good books and go and live up on some hill with an analog wrist watch. (of course things like the sewage system and heat/cooling shit will be digitally engaged, but thats besides the point....im talking interactive digital technology)

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