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Then I fixed the UV:


Absolutely terrible I know, so how can I improve on it?

[edit] I wanted to fill out the foliage more so the "spike" was hidden, there's two branches staggered on alternate sides of the trunk (which isn't as flat and round as it looks) for 3d detail, but I want to keep the polies low anyway (not through laziness, rather performance when there's lots on screen).

Also, the texturing is a 5 minute job to get an idea of the poly usage, the planes are bad, I know that, but what are the good methods for using single polies, and how can I get the best effects with the least polies?

(Also a bunch of the polies disappeared during the compile which is why it looks quite bare, I blame my poor modeling skills)

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So fucked around a little and here is another WIP:



Used a high poly and high res branch model, made a few renders from different angles and went to work in PS. The result isn't amazing, and the tree needs to fill out a lot more than it does, but it's my second atempt. I really like the texture creating method though, a big help!

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I am having a load of trouble with lod's, I followed various tutorials on the subject, put in the qc commands, and the compile process cuts out after 7 or 8 lines, just after checking the .smd's, and before it is supposed to check the lod command. This is what I have:

$lod 25


      replacemodel "mymodelreference.smd" "mymodel_LOD1.smd"


Obviously with "mymodel....smd" set to the correct paths.

Is there any reason it just stops when trying to do the lod? I have tried various things, like compiling the lod model, and referencing that, trying to reference the compiled models, etc etc, the model compiles fine as soon as I remove the lod command, so what's the deal!?

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Yeah, right now I just have a lot of intersecting planes instead of just bending them; bending sounds like it'll help the tree stretch out more too. I will try that with my next model (I want to get an lod on this and call it done, and spend time making better and more optimised trees).

I would host the model and tex's (a 1024 map D: to try and retain quality with the alphatest property) but I'd rather not distribute it. I could PM you a link if you would give me some C&C and pointers on what I'm doing wrong (2nd model, so there's gonna be stuff that's wrong :P)

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