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Maccie NEWS!~


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anyway as some of u might no i had an interview today with the game PR company called Barrington & Harvey they do some PR work in uk and euro but meh i never herd of um till i saw the job. so yeh i made the short list for a junior position (im guessing shit work to start with but they seemed pretty cool when i mentioned i wud want to work my way up and other ppl had done the same thing within the company)

the interview went pretty well nice ppl there all slightly crazy but thats cool :) so i shud hopefully here on monday/tuesday if i got the job i hope so really does look like a sweet place to work.

ow also on the way out he jokely said to me "would u like some games" so i replyed " i wud'nt say no" then he ran off and came back with 4 games true not gr8 ones but hay :) was free

games = NeverWinter Nights, Desert Rast Vs Afrika Korps, Euro Club Manager, Beyond Divinity. but thats pretty cool for a freebie :)

i guess some of u are most likely say "so wat u got a interview big deal" :P well good stuff hardly ever happens to me so let me have my moment of glory :D~~~~~~

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:P silly stolve

yes it is a promoting company they also do afew other things but thats the main area

while i like mapping im not gr8 at it so i guess this is another way in :) then maybe if i get better i can try for a level design job. this shud help with getting a job lata least is better then putting down "sat on my arse"

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Congrats Mac, I hope you'll enjoy working at that place and make your way up quickly! :-D

I finished school today, got the results and it turned out that I did fine. :zoidberg:

/me shares day of glory with mac

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