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TES: Oblivion.


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Hi. i just ordered my copy of Oblivion yesterday, will arrive to me on monday and i cant wait, so i would like to hear some opinions about the game, really loved morrowind so i hope this game will be just as good :)

So can any of you guys who have the game, maybe share some opinions about the game :idea:

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First I tried the PC version which left me pretty/extremely sceptical

Then I got the 360 version yesterday, was a lot better, felt more solid and complete.

Now I've played some more today, starting to notice the annoying things from Morrowind in this one. The fact that all characters still feel like they're a fucking HTML document with just words like "Rumour" or some name to ask really doesnt cut it for me. It has loads of content but not really much depth. This thing people keep saying with the game being really immersive is pretty hard to spot as well. The characters constantly fumble around on the terrain and geometry and look crappy as hell, stuff like that isnt exactly what i'd call immersive :G.

The graphics are quite good but seriously, they really should've done something about their long distance LOD. The mountains you see in the distance have like a 4x4 texture and it just stick out so much that it hurts everything. With everything they got going on I doubt having just a tad higher texture theshold on their terrain LOD would hurt much.

Anyway I could ramble on about loads of small annoying things that loads of people are apparently totally ignoring.

It is a quite nice RPG and I'm sure I havent gotten to the parts where it gets really good yet, but its not really the improvement over Morrowind that I had hoped (And I liked Morrowind and all but it wasnt really what i'd call a great game).


Oh and seriously those lizards and furries/tigermen totally fuck up their universe, why the hell do they have to add these lame races. GUH!

Wow so negative, okay Im done :)

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I picked it up on Wednesday and played only for an hour until I was chased by some women with an axe over a beach, through a river and eventually up a hill, where I gave her a number of swift blows to the head while hiding atop a rock.

Been eager to get back to it. The combat system is simple and engaging, sort of the RPG fill I've been hoping for since Diablo.

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The game is briliant, the same feel and play as morrowind, absolutely awesome

I love it

Altho I do think MW had a bit more style at times, this game is a bit more normal, regular castles with regular forests with regular horses around

MW often was more styled with more special type of buildings and stuff around

It still rocks however

I did encounter some horrible bugs already tho. Maybe someone can tell me where my horse is suppose to reset itself too ? I bought one and now I cant find it anymore....

And another one was even better, I can enter buildings trough the door but when I want to go out again it suddenly is a very hard lock locked door and Im utterly stuck in the inside

And when I try to pick it im arrested



But still rocks, going to start playing it again right now and will only stop in 11 hours

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Okay I take it back, it is pretty damn sweet. Been following the main story line a lot more and now I realize thats what I should've done to begin with.

Theres still some pretty annoying things though, like that quest where you need to guide the 2 guys on horse to a village was a real pain, one of the constantly getting stuck some place so I had to go back and find him, took me ages to get it done :G

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