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how awesome is Nintento?

last weekend i located the missing power cable to my girlfriend's old SNES and the past week she's been playing supermario world that she had when she was in middle school over a decade ago. her old saved games were still intact. It looks great on her HD TV and she's having so much fun. I think I'm buying a Revolution this fall.

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i dunno...emmulators means you gotta sit around the computer and play.

having the old SNES out means everyone can sit around the TV and enjoy the fun with the controllers the way it was meant to be played. i don't think my girlfriend would be interested in playing her SNES games on my PC. watching her play and appreciate a game the way I appreciate games means a lot. emmulators wouldn't allow for that.

anyway...old school games...why am more excited about finding an old Sega Genesis than most of the stuff coming out now? Only thing I ever played on genesis was Sonic and NHL Hockey.

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