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Maya exporting problem


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Im having two different exporting problems when I am exporting these very simple models from Maya to HL2. Im using Pralls exporter and i think ive set everything up right.

THe first problem is, when I export this model, it gets exported correctly, it seems, but the problem is, when I look at it ingame, the face facing down, the white one, gets some weird shading error. When looking at it from one side, it gets a shadow over it, but when I look at it from the other side, it looks fine. This is ingame only, its not like this in maya. When i shine on it with a flashlight, the shadow becomes even more obvious. And its only one face.

This is the model:


And, im trying to get that face selfilluminated without sucess too. I tried making a alpha channel over that area on the texture, but how do I know if the alpha is working? Its not selfillumiated ingame, but i did put "$selfillum" "1" it in the VMT.

I got another problem. I created another simple model to use in my map, its a spire sort of, and its gonna sit on a roof. I cant think of anything ive done different from the first time, and i think ive tried everything, but for some reason, the smd doesent get exported correctly. When i compile the smd with studiomdl.exe it doesent create any *.phy file for me. Ive even tried to make a collision model for the model and use it, but it doesent help.

This is the model:


Ive been stuck with this for several days now. Any help is appreciated.

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