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It seems like we going to meet Battlefield again

Taylor Swift

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I think its fake but only because it doesnt have the neatness of the regular Battlefield trailers (that voice and the part where he looks at pictures is really stupid). Also the actual game stuff they show doesnt look especially exciting tbh. If it is fake its obviously some people with way too much time on their hand :)

But sure, wouldnt mind a sci-fi battlefield now that they've been through ww2, vietnam and modern shit.

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Looks like a Battlefield 2 modification more than anything. Same explosion effects, FFS! It isn't a modification, however, due to the fact the electrical surges on the mechs are near impossible to implement in Battlefield 2's engine due to it's limitations by regular mod makers. I say it is real, but it's deja-vu. I sense a flop (just like Battlefield: Vietnam, used Refractor 2 just like 1942 did.)

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its the BF2 engine, its not goign to be a new engine. I do like how they made a new future instead "oh ho hum, it is just the same as now with cooler guns" Frozen over Earth might be pretty cool. Plus you can't go wrong with Mechs.

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