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Operation : CO-IN (Insurgency)


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Operation : CO-IN


(soon changing name to Insurgency)

A modern infantry HL2 mod... Squad based with a general and squad commanders etc.

"Realisme".. at least thats what we are gonna try (without forgetting the gameplay)

Couple of screens :

my face skinned by me :P


a marine :shock: (exclusive media)


couple of guns 8)




Model is very old and out or proportion... : marine on drugs :wink:


Palace done in hammer rendered in 3Dsmax... (lots of things will be replaced by models)


WIP... :) (exclusive media)



(Lots of other media on the site. Big update coming soon)

Hope you like it... :-D~

Sorry for the large images :-?

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If I may quote myself :wink:

Palace done in hammer rendered in 3Dsmax... (lots of things will be replaced by models)

Everything was done in hammer (brushes). We exported it to *.DFX and just did a render in 3Dsmax. It's all brushes...

Why? Because Hammer shots are FUGLY :shock::-D



(Some models for TEH palace)


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The facials and eyes are just WIP, we are waiting for the SDK to fully take advantage of it.

The building is around 5000 r_speeds but many things need improvement, like I said before... replacing brushes by models and closing windows here and there etc ...this is just a rough copy of an existing palace and needs to be improved, changed, tweaked for ingame.

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hl2 doesnt work with r_speeds m8 :P

though in its current form thats not very usable if its totally bsp

bsp is about 10 times more expensive then models

so everything detail except the main walls should be models

the skins look good, the playermodel could use abit more detail on the outfit imo

RO is a prety nice mod visually i just think its to slow to apeal to the mass

coin will follow the same design lines as RO ?

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