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Team of Photographers Explore Chernobyl


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Was just reading Wikipedia:

Chernobyl remains inhabited by a small number of residents who decided to return to their homes after the accident, but the majority of the evacuated population now live in specially constructed towns such as Slavutich. Many animals have been introduced into the town to promote the growth and success of the ecosystem there; some of these appear to be flourishing in the radioactive environment, whilst others appear to be affected adversely.

Yes, I can see where the inspiration for STALKER came from. :~

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Yup, so amazingly cool yet terrifyingly awful at the same time

There was this chick that drove in on a motorbike and took pictures which are probably the best I've seen on the net so far. These were really good too though, nice to see the area when the trees arent all brown and withered, made it look even more spooky :o

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