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The Official MosaD Thread


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Ok. This is my official "2D" thread. I'm confident with my skills as far as character modelling and the works. My only area I lack in is the skinning side of it. So, this summer I will spend the majority of my time practicing my 2d drawing/skinning skills and not so much the modelling side of things. This thread will hold the majority of all my 2d works as I make them. I am going to whip something up every day or two and hopefully by the end of the summer I will have improved noticeably.

To start things off I have a little photoshop action here. As you can see it is incomplete as will most of my works be.


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man hopfully that orc hunter doesnt have to ever quickly look down and to his left..or he will stabs his face :D

but in all seriousness..very nice :D i like that sketch too, although his chin looks a little bit wierd, and those big ear lobes, he should have lobe extensions/rings..that would look awesome :D

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i was browsing through some websites and came across this site with some awesome community concept art for dungeons and dragons. They have loads of detail on them which can provide some major skinning practice. So, i'm planning on making a couple of these guys or some others I may find. I happen to like the female barbarian. which ones are you favs


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