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Hammer editor - strip weapons.


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Im currently preparing to a 5 days project in the school in next week, our topic is: Slavery(dunno ifs right translated) and we need to make some kind of "product" to show our teacher, we though about making a farm that show how the owner of the slaves lived and how the slaves lived, so the best way was to make a CS:S(hl2 or what ever) map so we make a vitual world that we can go around in as we whant, now the downside of making map to thoose games is that you will get a weapon, and to be honest i dont think my teacher would like to see my moving around with a USP/GLOCK in the hand.

So is there a entity in Hammer that allows me to strip EVERY weapon in the game that you start with?

Best regards.

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There's a brush based entity to HL2/CS called trigger_weapon_strip

it will strip the player off the weapons and you can set it to destroy the weapons.

The easier way is of course to make the map for HL2 singleplayer so the player wont have any weapons to begin with :)

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