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After 5 months of mapping and testing its finally complete.

This is my second Half-Life 2 Deathmatch Map.

It is in an underground base that used to be under control by the rebels until the combine came...

There are two outside areas and a large multi-level underground base complete with tunnels, elevators, and more!


dmvapour14hf.th.jpgdmvapour29ji.th.jpg dmvapour31ht.th.jpg

dmvapour45qr.th.jpg dmvapour50gw.th.jpg dmvapour64gq.th.jpg

Link: http://files.filefront.com/dm_vapour_v2 ... einfo.html

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Overall it looks good. Lighting is ok, it has a few different colours to it.

I guess you could have used more variation on the textures, there's a lot of white/gray concrete texture everywhere. But I guess it fits the theme of the underground bunker/base.

The problem with indoor maps is that making interesting brushwork (especially for hallways and such) isn't always that easy. The rooms might end up looking lame and just filled with random prop models.

I think the brushwork on this one is ok. Nothing to get too excited about.

(The picture in the top center, the doorway with the hole over it looks really weird, as does the metal bars running in the ceiling :P )

And btw. Welcome to the core

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some things didn't make sence to me.. the bottom right picture shows a power box going to another ... powerbox... not sure if i have ever seen somthing like that before. but meh its pretty small so thats realy up to you . also the picture above it has a thing in the top right , not sure what it is but ....... im just not sure what it is. ok sorry not really sure what to say there.

good note-

i like your lighting in some areas and the map looks nice .

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Thanks for the feedback, I have updated the map also.


-Made all doors stay open for infinite time

-Made elevators faster

-Made forcefeild and gaschamber buttons be able to be used more

-Moved force feild button to the lower level

-Made text notices appear for when the force feild enables/disables

-Moved the majority of the combine spawns to the lower level (only a few are still outside)

v2 Link:

http://files.filefront.com/dm_vapour_v2 ... einfo.html

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