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Back to the darkroom!

Ginger Lord

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I luckily got my elective of choice at Uni, Photographic Techniques. Basically a semester of doing 35mm B/W SLR work. I've done some 35mm before but was a long time ago so was great to get back into it. The facilities and equipment arnt the best, but its still fun.


It looks really scratched but theres a lot of dust in the darkroom when I went in so a fair bit of its that, I looked at the negatives and theres a few tiny scractches, a few probably came from scanning it in.

Was a damn cold day at the beach in the rain taking the photos.

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The pic of the beach huts is the one I'm most proud of. The scan doesnt do it justice. Its absolutly amazing irl. I did one print and it was ok, whacked a 3.5 filter on the enlarger and sweet jesus, the neg is damn sharp to start with but with true black and white areas its amazing.

The one of the lighthouse was a problem, the lighthouse was white and the sky was pretty dull, the original neg reflected this and with no filter you could barely tell where the lighthouse started and the sky stopped. Again had to use a filter, 3.5 or 4 iirc, but the neg was so under(over?) exposed it took a whopping 120s to expose correctly, hence the very black areas and visible grain.

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Digital will never be able to achieve the same character that film has.


Some digital camera's have a really nice grain like the nikon d50, and with photoshop you can create the film/analog/non-digital mood.

Pfft. Film is still much more rewarding. If it wasn't so expensive, I would prefer it over digital.

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