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Project Oblivion

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Project Oblivion Mod is a mod for HL2 combining the atmosphere of StarCraft with the Commander gameplay of Empires Mod and NS, the FPS style of NS + Empires Mod, and will include all of the StarCraft vechials (pilotable). Currently, the MOD is still pre-alpha, but we are moving along at a good pace. We have a staff of 2 coders, 4 modelers, 2 mappers and 1 concept artist. We are in need of animators, texture artists, sound engineers, more mappers and skinners. If you're interested in joining, please post on our forums under the join section.

Our Website: http://www.project-oblivion-mod.com

Our IRC: #project-oblivion-mod on GameSurge

Some of our current work:



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Concepts look superb, but have you thought about copyrights?

Yep, I heard a few HL mods have been cancelled due to copyright issues. Recreating a movie, tv-show or a game might not be the best idea without the permission of the original publisher/developer.

Concept art looks fantastic.

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