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The industry is incompetent


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I'm sure it is all true to some extent, but I didn't like the article. The guy was writing that as if he had worked in dozens of games companies and seen the story repeated time and time again, but he was basing his rant on one job in one company. It came across as trying to big-up himself and put down everybody above him in the hierarchy.

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That is one frustrated programmer right there.

Completely ridiculous to base one's one year experience in that one failed company on the entire industry...if you don't even know what producers on the studio side do :roll:

There might be a little bit of truth in it, at least regarding some companies, but I wouldn't call this a good ressource ;)

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I think it's a pretty common experience . . .

But I don't think it's unique to the game industry. Any industry that involves large companies backing projects is going to want control over the projects and the people doing the job will want to be left alone to do thier job. I bet it's similar in film, book publishing, etc . ..

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Zaphod's got a point. I know this kinda stuff is all over the place in Hollywood. For filmmakers with little credibility, studios always take over the final cut and make demands before they distrubute it (re-shoot this, cut out this, add this). Productions dont get shut down as much, though. Usually they just pull of the director and get another one half way through.

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Why this is an issue I would agree, why this gentleman gets pissy about it is beyond me. I mean what does he expect ? In a lot of cases( not in all ) the publisher is the only thing giving life to the game company anyways. I mean if it were not for them there would be no game period. Here again this could be said about a lot of things, like book writing; I mean if the publisher does not hop on you have no book and pretty much by the publisher saying they will print it, you hand over your soul. I think that is to be expected, in all honesty.

I do think he brings up a bigger issue to the game industry and that’s the poor use of money *cough* Ion Storm *cough* I think they spend way to much time making small models of what could be and not enough of what has to be. I see so many games that never even leave the concept stage because they spend all this time wasting money on wanting to make a good game and the next best thing. I think game companies should go back to the, “what works mentality”. Make game that people want to play and not this crap that we think people want to play. He makes a comment about Shitty Sims games well guess what PEOPLE KEEP BUYING THEM. We waste so much money on what could be and not enough on what is. While I agree that its frustrating to be part of something that ends up getting pwned by the publisher and all you money goes to ruins and I can’t say the company I work for has ever had that happen. But I think its something you should know when you sign up.

Furthermore I think the real reason this guy’s company failed is because from the article and not knowing anything about the company. There was a lack of direction and responsibility from within. While some people may not be 100% at doing there job to the max they all should be working towards the same goal of making a great game; whether that be the guy who answers the front desk to the guy writing the code its all about working towards the goal . I find this article is just a bunch of finger pointing in a company gone bad. While its sad, it does happen and OH WELL WE MOVE ON!!!!!

And for everyone else who is fighting the good fight and making great fucking games…keep up the good work we appreciate it.

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