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One of the most ambitous gameproject I've seen! It's a 35 minute video, but it's well worth the time!


(Maxis/Electronic Arts for PC)

Although not due for at least another year and a half, Maxis' Spore was by far the most impressive game on any system at this year's big show, and wowed the E3 critics enough to garner the win for Best PC Game, as well as several other awards. In terms of scope, Spore promises to be the largest game that we've ever played. The basic concept sees you as the ultimate architect for a new species, choosing the evolutionary path of a creature from its genesis to the progression of the species into an advanced society. Since you're playing the development of an organism from its crawl out of the primordial ooze to a space-faring, universe-exploring (and most likely conquering) civilization, Spore has almost limitless playability. Couple this with the fact that the game will automatically upload your gameplay content to other players and download everyone else's ecological and cultural data to your computer, and you're talking about the potential to truly explore a virtual universe consisting of millions of planets on your hard drive.

- Tal Blevins, Editorial Manager, IGN.com


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