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CS Source: de_tropea


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Been Working on a CSS map for the Mapcore competition that never quite made it. Based in a place called Tropea in Italy. Layout is complete, (save modifications after playtesting) and all areas have rough direction. I have only really worked on the playable areas, so this is why there is a lack of detail in the distant sky line. These are of the T spawn.











Same colour roofs

Flat pavements

Blocky corners

Not enough dirt/stains/damage on the walls

Not enough variation in the building textures

All light fixings and lamp post models are bright. Will add some unlit ones

Need to displace the roofs

More unique aspects to generally try and make the map look different to other CS Source and DOD Source maps.

No HDR at the moment

No sprites yet


Looking for contructive criticism, and any good ideas people might have that could be added to a map of this type. Thank you to Skybex for hosting the images.

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As mentioned, you got some cool brushwork going on and in general it looks quite nice, but the facades/buildings look way too similar. Especially that light brown/yellow'ish wall texture is used way too much in my opinion. Also some of the transitions from building to building look a tad rough (especially this one http://www.skybex.com/de_tropea4.jpg )

Otherwise it looks really good, looks like you got some good height variation going on.

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Minotauro - yep, some landmarks are definitely needed to distinguish one area from the next, and to help navigation.

Killertomato - never really thought about the displacments as being too wavy. Will make them more subtle.

Dark - is definitely too empty. I think these are in the "just about pimpable" stage. It is just that to get feedback at this moment really helps to save time in the long run.

Furyo - good spot! Will change the rust textures at some point.

Mazy - yep, some of the buildings have a similar look at the moment. It is my hope that all the buildings will look very different to each other. Yellow texture is also used too much like you say. Is a bit of a bare texture as well come to think of it.

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Some pics of the area I have been working on today. These are of inside, and underground areas.





The arches in the final pic are on top of a bridge, which will have an eye candy view of mountains, houses, the sea, a road and a beach.

I know it looks strange to see the first batch of images followed by such different types of geometry, but hopefully the transitions from area to area will be okay.

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