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Ok this is it.


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I know the guy who made sourceracer mod.

Dan says: (04/02/06 - 16:15)

Tell him he sucks so he can fuck off!

Oh yeah by the way this is my best recommendation and the original list:

http://www.halflife2.net/ <--- There you find

other great mods made by me:






you name it, keep eot in eot please.


Now some off-topic

Spellbinder please take some day OFF mapcore and have some fun with your kids and your wife, go and play some football.

Like you are anoyying and uses the speciality to pick on me with the unuceful haiku version of texttyping.

You're so quite retarded as I see, I dont understand how I can put up with you but at the same time we need you.

That's my pronouncement and i hopes you agree on it, go outside out of doors for sometime and let mapcore immidealty free itself.

You're just a illness virus that need some medicine and you expose us for this stress everytime we use mapcore.

So please, if you are employeed here as a member please show you in a educated way and not a fairly retarded good-for-nothing person, that is just having fun and thinks all he says is ok and thinks that all people is going to gawp at him and laught at him.

You're life is a failure, so please go and repair you now with some church service, ok?

Comeone, you will make it, stand up cherfully.

OK, That's It.

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