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Yeah. Phenomenal. Wonderful.

Some challenging combat too on Normal - HL2 had none of that.

Some of the creativity and subversion of existing content is fantastic; reminds me of the old days where anything was possible even with limited materials, for example Neil Manke making a SPACESHIP out of standard HL1 stock.

Looking forward to the third episode. How about some Striders and other assorted bad boys next time around? :D

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Heh never heard of it, might check it out

Uhmm... It's done by Adam Foster, a Nigthwatch sir :o~~

Anyway, the second part was brilliant! Level design kicks Valve's buttocks in terms of freedom of movement and multiple pathways enabling far richer strategic possibilities.

Yikes, well I haven't been into checking mods out alot in the last couple of years.

Should try and chance that I guess :)

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Just played it, and while I thoroughly enjoyed the first one, this second part feels a little bit like a "deja vu". Of course not in the mapping sense, but in terms of history and gameplay. Like GL said, the finding a button far away is nice for a while, then it gets boring because it gets predictable. And while the idea of going to the same place multiple times and having different things happen is always a welcome addition to a level, I don't like the feeling of going in circles trying to find some obscure switch, which already was a sensation I had playing the first level, though not on the same scale.

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