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A Silent Goodbye


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Mapcore.com is popular!

A few days ago I attached mapcore.com to my account at textdrive. Yesterday I received an emergency e-mail about the server crashes, guess what was the cause.

According to the statistics, in a 48 hour period approxomately 1,050,263 spam e-mails arrived at the server. This effectivly killed the mail queue and crashed everything. After a restart, in less than 24 hours about 950,041 spam e-mails passed into the mail queue, crashing the server again. My host informs me the domain's MX records (the information about where to deliver mail for a domain) have been changed to stop e-mail entirely.

So it's time to give a silent goodbye to mapcore.com because it's going on a long vacation.... forever. I'm really not going to miss it now, but I sure wish things could have been better for the domain since I had some plans already in the works. :(

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In the past mapcore was on and on developing awsome maps (we made them) and you could feel the open air, freshh, mapcore keep in order everything and is known as the biggest epic glorious community existing in this time with overpowered forum boards and awsome staff members that is the porters of this comunitty, well readily someone have a end and a beginning and that's the way it is.

Rain or shine this is the best communitty alive.

Sorry to hear this from you Iggsta.


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:(~~stewpid spammails, somebody do a virus that kills them!!1

On this note I'd also like to say that I've started liking .net domains alot more than .com's. Recently mazy.com finally got free (stupid japanese mobile site forgot to renew it! :D), but now I actually dont care anymore.

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You should hand the domain over to Mikey or Mojo so they can have it forward here.

I offered it to Mike, he didn't take me up on the offer a while ago. I can point it to his host, but his host might take him offline for the sheer amount of spam traffic going to that domain.

The major problem is the fact the domain is still everywhere in text files of old counter-strike maps and other web sites, so spam bots and even the SoBig worm still have it on their hit list. Mapcore.net isn't there yet and neither is the .org. I was going to register the .org a few months back to put up the old site for historical sake, but I decided not to bother and I'm stuck with the .com until April of next year.

Oh yeah, .com's are getting more expensive now so .net/org is the place to be!

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