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wip_problem! (dark/black models??)


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Hello there, I really wasn't sure where to post since this is a level with a model problem but its a model for a level?? So feel free to move it if im in the wrong place! In the pictures below you will see some fishy powers about making my models dark/black! Ignore the background and focus on the "track" part, the dev textured parts are brushes and the outer part "barrier" is a model.. however it seems that if the model is touching a shadow it goes black! This I cannot explain.. what I tried out for this race track is made the track out of brushwork and then modeled this barrier around it and split it into pieces, then pieced them together in hammer. It consists of 15 pieces and only a few are darkened.. these pics are old but im still having the same problem, does anyone have any ideas..?? Oh and I tried compiling the model at smaller scales and it seems to be fine small, medium.. but not normal.. lighting issue? help!



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