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Not that I want to go OT, but since we're talking about other series, you might wanna check Prison Break, the new Fox show. It's currently on a break until March 20th (iirc) and it's rather well done.

Just couldn't get into prison break.

Heard a lot of good things about Battlestar Galacticaigaiaackaktigica, but just haven't had time to cram that in my overstuffed TV consumption snackhole.

LOST THE GAME PLS! Though if you put the music in it, and some of the chicks get naked :roll: i might be interested. Or if it had the story unfold in a cool way...with puzzles about the island, could be a cool adventure game but what a bitch to produce.

Back on topic:

24 demo came out 2 issues ago in OPM.

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Random fact about 24: In Season 3, Lynne Kresge (spelling?), personal advisor to president Palmer, is played by the same actress that played the voice of Dr Judith Mossman in HL2 (Michelle Forbes).

What made me think of that you ask? Well she also stars in Prison Break.

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