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A friend of mine just offered to buy LAZER TAG TEAM OPS Deluxe 2 player edition and share the costs. He came to this idea because the price was lowered from 69,99 to 39,99 (or so I remember).

STEP INTO LAZER TAG—WHERE VIDEO GAME ACTION COMES TO LIFE! LAZER TAG combines extreme team competition with hi-tech accuracy. Assemble your own squad and prepare for thrilling LAZER TAG excitement!

The TAGGER unit is your key to unbelievable excitement! An LCD Display control panel provides a live-action video readout of 7 game stats, and lets you see how you measure up to your opponents! Wireless set-up allows for quick and easy team play—your TAGGER unit actually “communicates” with your teammates’ devices!

The HUD (heads up display) unit provides you with real-time audio/visual gameplay feedback! Fitting on your head just like a pair of sunglasses, it displays when you’ve locked onto a target, when you’ve tagged that target and when an opponent has tagged you! It’s the ultimate in interactive play!


source: Hasbro.com

Does anyone have any experience with these toys? From the commercials and the website I get the idea these toys are pretty high quality stuff.

Discuss! :)

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Why do you use a comma instead of decimal point :mad:

There are lots of places over here where they have huge indoor enviroments with lots of cover and buildings and stuff and they have really high quality laser tag equipment, they play sound clips from the alien movies too :-D

at the end of a round "Game over man, Game over!"

It's better to find one of these places and play with some friends and some random people than to fork out cash for a set.

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This day I was totally blown away by the gameplay these pieces of art offer! I played with three friends on two different locations (both being deserted schoolterrain) and it was totally awesome. The things you can do with these things are just simply amazing and highly underestimated! There's so much variety in gameplay and it's so cool to shoot and dive an run like hell because your gun is overheating - obsessively pressing the shield buttun!

Very intensive and well worth the money (39,99 euro)! :)

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