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another tale of danger and excitement


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So I work at a Ben and Jerry's scoop shop, if you already didnt know. My coworker's boyfriend had stopped over we were hanging out, it was a slow night, my own girlfriend had just left so I went to have a cigarette. When I came back the boyfriend was leaving, I was right about to go back inside, I was actually holding the door for my girlfriend who had just returned to get her purse she forgot, when I overheard these two guys yell "that guy, he's a perfect target" refering to my co-worker's boyfriend. I was stunned, they started running after him. I didnt know what was going on, but I knew it couldnt be good, and he'd probably need help. When I caught up to them they pinned him to a wall and they were threatening him for his money. I was able to distract them, and they turned their attention on me, after like a chest-chest standoff one guy punched me in the eye and ran away, but I was able to grab the other and threw him onto the ground (which is made of cobblestone) and I just started beating the hell out of him until he got up, and I made him start walking to River St (the main street). Until of course his friend comes back, and they decide to both fight me, I was able to like dance around them, but they eventually both got on me fighting me right infront of B&J's while like 15 old people just stand there watching it happen. Someone said the cops were coming and the 2 guys and the girl they were with just ran away. Not long at all after like 10 minutes, the cops had all three of them. The first guy who hit me broke his ankle on the cobblestone running away and was crying like a baby. The second guy who's head I bashed into the street was in another car, all I saw was the 6'3" big black cop getting out of his car icing his hand (HAHAHA). The girl wasnt apart of the assault but she had weed on her so she's facing charges also. I'll take a picture of my eye, i got a shiner and im sore but otherwise i'm fine ...all i have to say is: f*ck those guys.

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Dude nice one, you did a good thing.

You gotta be careful about doing stuff like this, I mean you never know what they have on them, what might look like someone who fancies their chances with a quick 'punch and grab' could easily be armed with a knife or worse. About a year ago I stopped this guy who was running from a shop after stealing a woman's handbag, he just ran towards me and I stepped out in front of him causing him to fall down allowing the security guys enough time to catch him. I felt good about it but I couldn't help but wander what that guy could of done giving the circumstances...

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