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Dock - mini scene

General Vivi

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---Dock Scene--

I worked on this for a bit of 3 days on and off . The dock was the main part that I wanted to work on . I have never worked on a scene before like this in max I have only done prop models. I really liked doing this so I am definitely going to continue working on small things like this to build up my skills a bit more .I am not that great at any type of vehicle creation I.E. boats like canoes . they were a bit of a small challenge , I feel like i really need to get into modeling of that type so far prop models have been really easy . nothing hard just making blocks look like objects really. but now i want to work on buildings and small scenes . It feels just like mapping but you have more controlled over your look because you can vertex maneuver better. well anyway this is where I stopped with this mini scene at because i didn't feel like using a week up on this one thing. It looks pretty decent for what it is at the moment. If I did keep going tho I would have made little props like boating equipment , fishing poles, my friend suggested a dumpster. but this is where I stopped so enjoy .


also grainy development pictures and notes as i went along here

http://www.generalvivi.lawgiver.us/mode ... _scene.htm

i want some feed back please if its not too much.

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