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Warpigstudios: Looking for Freelance Level Designer

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Warpigstudios is currently looking to build a pool of multi-talented, creative, resourceful, and flexible freelancers to help put together a series of demo levels for our game project Badge of Blood.


  • [*:3lymzikq]All applicants must be old enough to sign a legally binding non-disclosure agreement. (18 in most U.S. States)
    [*:3lymzikq]Experience developing levels for the Source Engine required.
    [*:3lymzikq]The ability to produce custom props, and familiarity with Softimage XSI, 3D Studio Max, and other 3D software packages a plus
    [*:3lymzikq]Applicants should be able to develop architecture from concept references, and produce convincing texture maps (diffuse, specular, normal)
    [*:3lymzikq]The ability to accept criticism and suggestions professionally is an absolute must.
    [*:3lymzikq]Applicants are expected to work remotely, communicating and coordinateing frequently by email, forum, IM, or phone.


Please send a resume, links or preview images of previous work (textures, maps, models), and typical pay rates to applicants@warpigstudios.com.

Please do not attach source files. Images will do.

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you,

John Beck


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Your recruitment post here is very professional and makes it seem like a commercial project, but the website makes it look far more like a non-commercial mod project. Just so people are clear - are these paid positions, or just normal, unpaid mod work?

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Heh, ok, just to be very clear:

Yes, these would be paid projects. Applicants that are chosen to work on our demo maps will be paid as independent contractors.

Warpigstudios is a startup company that is building Badge of Blood to eventually be a retail release, distributed via steam using Valve's SteamPowered business model. We'll be using our demo maps to help demonstrate our technologies and gameplay systems for interested investors.

So I hope that clears everything up. :D

If you have any further questions, please feel free to post here, or contact us at applicants@warpigstudios.com.

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I do understand that we're in a unique position, so it stands to reason that some folks are curious as to what's going on.

Like most game projects, our initial demo is largely funded by our own time and money, plus volunteer work from our internal team members.

We're also in a position where we will soon be receiving some financial backing from several external investors. So, of course, the goal is to woo even more investors. :)

Obviously, this indicates that if all goes well, this opportunity could escalate from freelance work to a full time job when the time comes for us to hire a fill-time salaried level designer.

And regardless, it would be something else to add to your resume. So if you're interested, by all means, send us your info. We'd love to hear from you. There are a lot of talented people here, and we think this is a great place to start looking.

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I'm just gonna be lazy and quote NRG:

Hmmm.. gotta be careful with this one.. I have seen alot of companies that try to get newbies to work for free (why pay for labour when there is eager labourers for free?).

I'm not suggesting that it's a bad thing if you don't mind working for free to get your name on the credits to help get your name out there. I would just use extreme caution when dealing with things like this. I read about horror stories of people who have been pushed around too much, nightmarish conditions, etc.. (not to mention not getting paid for it)

If you have time to kill, and you don't mind working for free in exchange for creidts, then great. Just make sure to see a well written contract and see what exactly is entitled, and what is expected of you. You may find yourself in a very regretful situation if things are assumed, (in otherwords, very unclear tasks, verbal or even poorly / sloppy written arrangements, etc..) I would enforce credit where its due, and to be able to pimp this accomplishment to bolster your portfolio.

Im not attacking GW Films in any way. It's just that there are evil people out there who love to exploit the in-experienced youth into jobs that probably deserve better conditions and being paid for. Nothing worse than being locked into a bad situation for a very long time.

-edit: not to mention if a company tell you its a free favor (for fun), you sweat and labour over it, and the company turns around and bills their client for it, while you get nothing. Ok.. Im really done now :D -

Just my 2 cents.



I wanna add that you shouldn't state that you will pay people UNTIL you have the financial backing to do so. So yeah people, careful with what you sign..

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where have I heard this before?

From Newbs, and Warpig Studios are not.

How can i know? There is no info about the people behind it on their website. I only see a nice website and a few concepts arts which means nothing.

How come they know they would get a license from valve to sell their mod?

And who wants to pay money for a science fiction mod when there are so many quality free ones are in production for hl2? (dystopia, nuclear dawn, iron grip, neotokyo, empires to name a few) :roll:

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